12 Stylish Patio Umbrella Accessories You Should Buy

Giving your patio the stylish touch will take much more than just putting up a patio umbrella. It requires that once you set up your patio umbrella you bring in additional accessories so that you can get the most stylish finish.

In case you want to give your patio space an incredible touch, here are the top accessories that you could add to your patio umbrella. They are very much affordable and also readily available across online shops.

LED Lights

LED lights are super ideal for lighting up patio umbrella space especially if you plan on using the patio umbrella way into the night.

LED lights can be solar-powered or sometimes electric-powered. They will come with an automatic on and off switch for easy operation.  Look for a LED light system with the perfect intensity to allow you to enjoy your time and also play your game including games such as chess, cards, and dice.

Tie Down Ribbon

Tie-down ribbons will come readily attached to the best patio umbrellas. However, if you don’t have one on your umbrella or in case yours wears out, buying a new one will be a great option to go with.

Velcro tie-down ribbon is often the best as the material is hardy and will easily withstand all the harsh weather patterns.   Tie-down ribbons are super ideal as they prevent the umbrella from flipping under high wind intensity.

In case you don’t have a Velcro ribbon you can always opt for a string or even bungee cord. However, you should be ready to see your pretty elegant patio umbrella look go away with the two.

Umbrella Base

From square to round, umbrella bases come in very many shapes and designs. They have varied dimensions and different filling styles. While some come with empty holes for water and sand, others enjoy a tripod-like design.

Umbrella bases will ensure that your patio umbrella remains stable even under wind or in case someone knocks on the post by mistake. It is important that you choose a base that can easily suit your style and also patio space.


With modern technology coming up really fast, patio umbrellas aren’t left behind. New school patio umbrellas will come with infotainment systems especially Bluetooth supported and remotely accessed radios that you can ease up the night with.

If you choose to roll with the best, such a plus isn’t the kind of thing that you’d want to miss any day.


Apart from all these is a winder. Winders are designed to help you open up and close up your patio umbrella in a stylish design. Winders come attached to the patio umbrella pole and will work pretty easily for anyone.

Winders are usually operated by simply rolling them in a circular motion. They will collapse the umbrella easily and you can always count on them. They are also easy to replace and in case yours breaks down a new one will do.

Umbrella Cover

During the winter period, temperatures are often freezing cold. Because of this, many people never sit outside to grill a meal, read a book, or place a game of cards with their loved ones. And while they cover outdoor seats to prevent them from damage due to frozen temps, they forget to cover their patio umbrellas to help them last long.

A patio umbrella cover is the right type of accessory that you need to get your patio umbrella in a hibernation mode and keep it safe throughout the winter long season.

Umbrella Stand

Unlike an umbrella base, a stand will come with a protruded side which the patio umbrella pole slides into before you can actually lock it up with the side screws. Umbrella stands are easy to use and could come readily combined with a base to provide maximum stability. In case you don’t want to buy only a base, you can always choose a stand instead.

Solar Panel

To light up your patio umbrella with a solar system you actually need the support of the right tools and that will include a solar panel and a rechargeable battery set.

Solar panels are often replaceable and will come in squared shapes with a protective hard plastic cover on top of it that prevents them from gumming up. In case your solar panel sustains any damage or reduces in power output due to wear and tear, replacing it with a new one should be no brainer.

Umbrella Poles

Umbrella poles will support the entire makeshift patio umbrella. Nonetheless, they can sometimes peel off, get scratched, break, or bend in case they were hollow aluminum pipes. To retain your original stability, replacing them will be inevitable. Choose your preferred design. It might be a set that screws together, one that uses push clip poles, or a single rode set at the exact feet.

Light Hooks

For people who are using patio umbrella hanging lanterns for lighting, hooks and clips will make a good buy for your patio umbrella accessories. This is because you will use them to suspend your lamps in a preferred pattern.

Base wheels

Base wheels aren’t quite a common occurrence. However, they are super ideal in case you need to move your patio umbrella around the compound or commercial property such as a marketplace and restaurant set up.

In case you bought a patio umbrella base with wheels and a wheel breaks down, simply ask an expert technician to help.

Patio Table

Patio tables come with homes in the middle through which you can slip/ slid the umbrella pole before connecting it to a base. These tables are often quite affordable and getting one will leave you with a great easting, reading, and playing space. Choose the wood, glass fiber, or hard plastic table.

Getting the right patio umbrella accessories to start with you. They are many and the choice you go with depends on your needs. Use this post to make the most ideal choices for your home and loved ones too.


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