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With over 72 hours spent testing patio umbrellas, the best patio umbrella bases, and also umbrella stands, we can finally recommend these top rated patio umbrella bases for your home use with over 100% confidence.

The patio umbrella bases that we have reviewed and included here were sampled from close to a hundred models that we tested. They are some of the top-rated, best reviewed, affordably priced designs, and above all bases with the best features that you will find in the market today.

Upon our research we found out that the priciest was the treasure garden umbrella base nonetheless, our focus were on moderate priced designs with high-end functionality. That’s why we settled for the following choices.

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Ideal Type

Whether you are a buying a base for your cantilever umbrella or for your offset outdoor umbrella, these tips that we are about to give will give you some of the best pointers to what you should look at.


The larger the area that your umbrella base covers the stable it is. Large covered areas will mean large patio umbrella bases. In case you wanted to know if your umbrella base was stable enough to withstand wind and accidental bumps a large base size and area of coverage will be very vital.


Design material will determine the lifespan of your umbrella base. Bases made out of metallic alloys will last longer. The same applies to bases that are made out of high end plastic materials too. Some of the best materials will offer the following:-

  • Waterproof design
  • Protection from sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Corrosion and rust resistance
  • Scratchproof edge
  • High tolerance to constant cleaning


If you aren’t going for extremely large bases you might consider looking at the weight on the bases. Bases that weight over 120 lbs will do pretty well on windy circumstances. However, no one will sell you such a heavy base. Instead going with a sand filling mechanism like that of COBANA Offset Patio Umbrella Base will be super cool.


Umbrella bases need to have a technology that can allow them to hold your umbrella’s pole in place. Therefore like we have seen, it is important that your patio umbrella base has a reliable locking or fastening technology to go with.

This will help you to secure your umbrellas stand or pole once you have fixed it inside the base. A good example is the hand locking mechanism that you can easily tilt in clockwise direction to fasten and unwind in an anti-clockwise direction if you want to loosen it up and retrieve your patio umbrella for storage.


Most patio umbrellas will extend up to 13 feet in diameter or over 7 feet tall. It is important that when fixed on top of the base, the base can easily hold the entire weight comfortably without actually toppling.

Top 6 Patio Umbrella Base Reviews

In this post, we will help you to get started with some of the Best Patio Umbrella Base Reviews 2020. We have chosen the best designs for you after a close comparison of the top-rated options that we have in the market.

Abba Patio Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base Plate Set

Abba Patio 4Pcs Offset Umbrella Base Plastic Cantilever Base Weights Plate Set,...
  • 4 pc Weight Set for Offset Cross Base: The 4 triangular shaped black weight plates are designed to fit in a cantilever umbrella cross base and give the base a square shape when placed in each slot. The weights, when filled, will offer an appropriate amount of weight needed to stabilize your offset umbrella.
  • Easy to Fill: Purchase Sand and use the included plastic funnel to fill each section with dry or wet sand. Screw the cap on and you have weight for the umbrella cross base. They are also much easier than lugging heavy pavers around to add weight. They do not damage your area like heavy pavers do.
  • 150 lbs to 180 lbs of Weight: When all 4 plates are filled with just sand the weight is approximately 150 lbs. With water added to make wet sand, the total weight is approximately 180 lbs. Each plate can be filled with 37.5 lb - 45 lb of wet sand.
  • Location Flexibility: By filling these weight plates and securing them on a cross base, you can put your offset umbrella in any location you want. It gives you the security and safety that it will support the umbrella in any location. The black plates look more attractive than many other types of base weights.
  • Durable Plastic Construction: Each of the 4 black plates are made from heavy-duty plastic that are weather resistant, UV protected and waterproof. Cross Base is NOT included, only the 4 fillable weight plates are included. Sand is also NOT included.

With the heavier option of about 260 lbs going for slightly above 100 USD in most online shops, buying this 180 lbs Abba Patio Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base Plate Set is what many users have opted for.

Nonetheless, both are awesome and depict the same type of performance. They are designed for the modern cross-base umbrellas and made out of extra-durable plastics.

The patio umbrella base will, therefore, offer much more than just a longer lifespan, weather-resistant touch, and UV protection.

It comes with four separate plates. Each of these plates can be easily filled with wet sand of between 38 lb – 44 lb to gain the best stability with approximately 150 lb weight capacity or more.

The sturdy 4-plate system works well to support any offset patio umbrella stand perfectly. And thanks to its easy to fill spout the stand is easy and much more convenient to install, filling, cleaning, and ultimately store.

This is one of the best patio umbrella bases for the most demanding windy conditions. You can easily add weight and maximize stability too.

Tropishade 36 lbs Steel Plate Umbrella Base

Tropishade Steel Plate Umbrella Base, 36 lbs, Black
  • One solid A grade high durability steel plate it won't crack or break
  • Low profile base less than 1" thickness so people don't trip on it
  • 20" * 20" square size to increase the base stability. Base weight 36 lbs.
  • Tube can fit 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 3/4" umbrella poles
  • Black powder coating finish. HQ base Made in Taiwan.Search " tropishade " for a compatible umbrella

Tropishade 36 lbs Steel Plate Umbrella Base comes in a square design. It is made out of a solid A-grade high-end steel plate that won’t crack, scratch, or break.

The base is designed with a low profile touch with ideally less than 1″ thickness. This prevents people from tripping if they passed close to this patio umbrella base.

The square size is extensive and stands about 20 inches by 20 inches so as to provide the patio umbrella stand with top rated stability.

It also weighs 36 lbs and comes with a round tube that can a number of patio umbrella poles including 1 3/8″, 1 1/2″, and 1 3/4″ poles. The black powder coating provides a great finish for this super cool umbrella base.

C-Hopetree 19.3 inch Patio Market Round Heavy Duty Umbrella Base

C-Hopetree Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand - 31 lb - Round - Bronze
  • HEAVY DUTY resin concrete composite provides the best weather and sun protection outside
  • ADJUSTABLE metal holder for pole diameters up to 2.1" (53mm)
  • SUITS small 7-9 feet umbrellas used through an outside table or free-standing
  • ANTIQUE cast iron look with art deco pattern
  • Need a sun storage cover? Search B06XTZ76YG

The 31 pounds C-Hopetree 19.3-inch Patio Market Round Heavy Duty Umbrella Base is another good base for your patio umbrella.

With its resin stone composite construction, best patio umbrella base is not only durable but also weatherproof. It has a rusty stoned design that comes from its powder coating. The steel stem is easy to set up and comes with an adjustable tension screw plus ring reducers that will assist you in securing your outdoor umbrella pole.

The base also comes with a good capacity and will fit pole sizes of up to approximately 2.1”. This makes it extra suitable for poles of between 7 ft – 9 ft in height.

The additional decorative antique finish from bronze also gives this patio umbrella base a cool finish for its price.

50-lb Classic Cast Iron Umbrella Base in Bronze

50-lb Classic Cast Iron Umbrella Base in Bronze
  • 50-lb cast iron umbrella base
  • Weather-resistant brushed antique bronze finish
  • 17.5-in metal 2-piece dual-purpose stem
  • For use with free-standing or market umbrella applications
  • 23-in diameter base; stem accommodates umbrella poles up to 4.14 cm (1.63-in)

The 80-lb Classic Cast Iron Umbrella Base in Bronze is another cantilever umbrella base from Island Umbrella that can perform beyond ordinary expectations. This cantilever umbrella base weight is about 80 lbs.

Just like its name suggests, it boasts of an 80-lb cast iron base. This umbrella base enjoys a high weather-resistant touch and comes with a brushed antique bronze finish.

It sits at 17.5 inch base diameter with a 2-piece dual-purpose lightly raised stem to maximize the hold on your umbrella’s post.

If you have a free-standing umbrella design with an offset touch, this umbrella base will give you the best applications that you will need for patio needs.

Indeed, it is able to accommodate patio umbrella poles of up to 4.14 cm (1.63 inches) in diameter.

Sundale Outdoor Half Round Resin Umbrella Base

Sundale Outdoor Half Round Resin Umbrella Base for Half Patio Umbrella, Black
  • ☀ The umbrella stand measures 20'' x 10'' x 13'', a perfect size for small places or attached the wall.
  • ☀ This stand includes a coupler to allow it to fit both 1.5" and 1.89" diameter umbrella poles, nearly all half market umbrellas.
  • ☀ This half umbrella base is made of rust free resin with elegant decorative pattern, not only durable, but stylish classic, will surely add fashion to your patio, garden, deck, balcony, yard, etc.
  • ☀ Antique black finish maintains its appearance for years to come, you don't need to spend time in cleaning or maintenance, using dry towel to wipe the surface of the stand will be enough.
  • ☀ The umbrella stand includes a hand-turn knob for securing umbrella to the base, you can fasten your umbrella and sit under the umbrella safely. Search ASIN B01CJI4T34 or B01CJI4V6E to get matched Half Umbrella.

Finally, we have the Sundale Outdoor Half Round Resin Umbrella Base. This base comes with a favorable size which makes its unique half-round design ideally very reliable from every angle that you might look at it.

The patio umbrella stands measures 20” x 10” x 13” in dimensions and makes up for the perfect addition for any small places.

The base comes with a stand with a coupler so that it can easily fit both 1.5″ and 1.89″ diameter poles.

More importantly, the base is designed from a rust free resin with additional elegant decorative patterns for the much needed aesthetic value.

The matte black finish also helps the base to maintain its unique appearance for many more years to come.

You can use the hand-turn knob once you have your umbrella pole and need to secure it properly on the rust free resin umbrella base.

C-Hopetree 11 feet Solar Powered – Lighted Patio Umbrella

COBANA 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base, Easy Filling Umbrella...
  • Portable 4-plate umbrella weight is easy to install directly on cross bar base or storage
  • Made of HDPE plastic to withstand impact and constant movement, and treated with a weather- and UV-resistant coating
  • Max 120lbs of sand capacity in total(water not advised) keeps your cantilever umbrella stable.
  • Plastic cross bar umbrella base is perfectly for all kinds of cantilever offset patio umbrella. (Cross bar base is not included)
  • Block assembly mode suitable for splitting and carrying; Easy-filled spout is convenient for filling, cleaning and storage

COBANA Offset Patio Umbrella Base is easy to use. All you need if to fill up the 4 round packs with sand until you attain the weight that you need.

Because of this design, this super easy umbrella base is often ideal for the areas with so much wind and also climates that are calm.

The designs top-cover will easily allow for a quick open filling option that gives you an easy filling of sand without any waste.

The design is made of durable wear-proof HDPE high end plastics that do not break easily or allow the colors to fade up.

The plastics are ideally weather resistant and UV resistant too. They can support a maximum weight of 120 lbs and measures a diameter of 35.6 inches with a thickness of 2.3inches or 5.8cm.

Best Patio Umbrella Base

FAQ: Best Patio Umbrella

  • Which Type of Umbrella Base Do I Need for My Half Patio Umbrella?

Every type of umbrella base can work really well as long as its weight capacity corresponds with what your patio umbrella weighs.

  • What Other Factors Can I Consider When Buying Patio Umbrella Bases?

Your personal home decors, buying preferences, design (such as half, round, square, or tripod) and also the decorations on the base will be an important consideration once you choose to buy your base.

  • How Can I get The Best Prices when Buying a Base?

Looking for discounted prices, low shipping rates, and also warranties will give you some of the best buying prices for patio umbrella bases.

Choosing the best patio umbrella bases is no brainer – well what am I to say when it’s quite evident in our top reviews and buying guide? Nonetheless, it is important that you weigh your needs such that you get the best type of patio umbrella and bases for your needs.

Factors such as climatic conditions, type of home or commercial traffic, and the buying preferences are things that you should never overlook if you need the best patio umbrella accessories for your use. Now that you have decided to choose one – Good Luck!