Best Patio Umbrella Base Reviews

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After researching patio umbrellas, the best patio umbrella bases, and also umbrella stands, we can finally recommend these top rated patio umbrella stands bases for your home use with over 100% confidence.

The patio umbrella bases that we have reviewed and included here were sampled from close to a hundred models that we tested. They are some of the top-rated, best reviewed, affordably priced designs, and above all bases with the best features that you will find in the market today.

Upon our research we found out that the priciest was the treasure garden umbrella base nonetheless, our focus were on moderate priced designs with high-end functionality. That’s why we settled for the following choices.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top patio outdoor umbrella base

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Buying Guide: How to Buy the Ideal Type of patio umbrella/ free standing base

Whether you are buying a base for your cantilever umbrella or for your offset outdoor umbrella, these tips that we are about to give you some of the best pointers to what you should look at.

Types of the Umbrella

As we are buying bases for  cantilever patio umbrellas, you just need to know about the variety of your umbrellas. If you know the style, then you can easily purchase the bases according to the concern.

There’re mainly two types of umbrellas: offset umbrella or cantilever umbrella and market base umbrella. 

Typically most people use market umbrellas. But cantilever and offset umbrellas are more sophisticated and unique. If you own an offset umbrella, you can go with our Abba Patio Umbrella Base.


The larger the area that your umbrella base covers the stable it is. Large covered areas will mean large patio umbrella bases. In case you wanted to know if your umbrella base was stable enough to withstand wind and accidental bumps a large base size and area of coverage will be very vital.


Design material will determine the lifespan of your patio umbrellas & bases. Bases made out of metallic alloys will last longer. The same applies to bases that are made out of high end plastic materials too. Some of the best materials will offer the following:-

  • Waterproof design
  • Protection from sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Corrosion and rust resistance
  • Scratchproof edge
  • High tolerance to constant cleaning


If you aren’t going for extremely large bases you might consider looking at the weight on the bases. Umbrella bases that weight over 120 lbs will do pretty well for wind resistant. However, no one will sell you such a heavy base. Instead going with a sand filling mechanism like that of COBANA Offset Patio Umbrella Base will be super cool.


Outdoor umbrella bases need to have a technology that can allow them to hold your umbrella’s pole in place. Therefore like we have seen, it is important that your patio umbrella base has a reliable locking or fastening technology to go with.

This will help you to secure your umbrellas stand or pole once you have fixed it inside the base. A good example is the hand locking mechanism that you can easily tilt in clockwise direction to fasten and unwind in an anti-clockwise direction if you want to loosen it up and retrieve your patio umbrella for storage.


Most patio outdoor umbrellas will extend up to 13 feet in diameter or over 7 feet tall. It is important that when fixed on top of the base, the base can easily hold the entire weight comfortably without actually toppling.

Top 6 Patio Umbrella/ Outdoor Umbrella Base Reviews

One click can offer you one thousand items nowadays. So which one are you going to choose?

Well, choosing one option isn’t a cup of tea, especially for the busy bees. We’re here to give you a hand. 

We also put our real-life experiences into these. Hopefully, this write-up is going to be an overall guideline for anyone.

In this post, we will help you to get started with some of the best patio umbrella stands base reviews 2021. We have chosen the best designs for you after a close comparison of the top-rated umbrella bases that we have in the market.

Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella Base Plate Set

Abba Patio 4Pcs Offset Umbrella Base Plastic Cantilever Base Weights Plate Set,...
  • 4 pc Weight Set for Offset Cross Base: The 4 triangular shaped black weight plates are designed to fit in a cantilever umbrella cross base and give the base a square shape when placed in each slot. The weights, when filled, will offer an appropriate amount of weight needed to stabilize your offset umbrella.
  • Easy to Fill: Purchase Sand and use the included plastic funnel to fill each section with dry or wet sand. Screw the cap on and you have weight for the umbrella cross base. They are also much easier than lugging heavy pavers around to add weight. They do not damage your area like heavy pavers do.
  • 150 lbs to 180 lbs of Weight: When all 4 plates are filled with just sand the weight is approximately 150 lbs. With water added to make wet sand, the total weight is approximately 180 lbs. Each plate can be filled with 37.5 lb - 45 lb of wet sand.
  • Location Flexibility: By filling these weight plates and securing them on a cross base, you can put your offset umbrella in any location you want. It gives you the security and safety that it will support the umbrella in any location. The black plates look more attractive than many other types of base weights.
  • Durable Plastic Construction: Each of the 4 black plates are made from heavy-duty plastic that are weather resistant, UV protected and waterproof. Cross Base is NOT included, only the 4 fillable weight plates are included. Sand is also NOT included.


Are you looking for an all-in-one patio umbrella base with ample coverage and durability? Then go through our first choice – Abba Patio 4 Pcs offset umbrella base. This cantilever umbrella base is famous for its 9” scope. It covers up to 42-54 inches round table or a 6-8 person rectangular table.

This is one of the best patio umbrella bases for the most demanding windy conditions. You can easily add weight and maximize stability too.

Highlighted Features

Elegant Base

Basically, the main attraction of this umbrella stand base is its high-quality base. The bronze tone gives the bottom an aristocratic look. At the same time, the plastic coat made it more discreet and elegant. You may find the base so simple but hope you know simple base are less prone to easy damage. 

With the aluminum coating, Abba Patio 4 pcs offset base uses a double screw to maintain the sturdiness of the base. Again their knobs are most prominent and smooth to carry easily from here to there. So no worries about the heavyweight.

Easy Filling

 Let’s tell you one convenient thing that you can fill it with both sand or water. If you fill it with sand, the 4 PCS weight will be 150 Ibs. On the other hand, water filling can make it 180 Ibs

4 Pcs Weight Set

The 4 PCs black weight set are made of durable plastic which can carry the load, offering the best umbrella base weight for you. Significantly their cross base adds a firmer grip in the base.

  • Easy to use and move
  • Provides complete coverage against the scorching sun
  • Can fill with water and sand
  • UV, rust, and fade resistant materials 
  • Quick rain absorption and durable
  • Cross base is excluded from the packaging
  • Not suitable for smaller areas.

California 50 lbs. Free Standing Umbrella Base

California Umbrella 50 lbs. Round Concrete Weighted Powdercoated Steel Umbrella...
  • 50 lbs free standing or under the table umbrella base. Compatible with freestanding and table umbrellas and fits any California Umbrella outdoor umbrella
  • Comes standard with 16" receiver pole and security set knob
  • Constructed of powder coated steel with cement
  • Very durable for all types of settings
  • Use for any umbrella up to 1.5" in diameter


With the hundred varieties of solid umbrella bases, The California company reigns over the industry for about 50 years. This 50Ibs patio umbrella base is another addition to the brand. And as always, the double-coated strong base is perfect for your outdoor setup. Besides, its bright outlook can enhance your backyard’s beauty.

Highlighted Features

Aesthetic Design

California base is especially known for its color variation and outlook. This 18-inches diameter base has 4 colors (white, black, grey, bronze), while most traditional bases have the dull bronze or copper color. 

So, if you’re finding the best patio umbrella stand base with an aesthetic design to decorate your poolside, it can be a reasonable option.

Strong Foundation

This umbrella base is powder coated with steel and offers a solid base. Again, they use weather-resistant aluminum in the pole portion. This thick layer coating with fiberglass ribs holds the sturdiness for a long time. 

Besides, there’s a three-way tilt with a crank lift system so anyone can efficiently operate it.

Built-in Vent

California umbrella base stand has a built-in double vent. This double-layer vent provides enough airflow in highly humid weather. So we suggest you carry it wherever you go sunbathing. And don’t worry, this is lightweight enough to move.

  • Weather-resistant and durable fabric
  • Best umbrella base patio for freestanding
  • Suitable in hostile weather
  • Less mildew gathering
  • Hold colour for a long time
  • Build quality can be more improved
  • Not that long-lasting

C-Hopetree Free standing Patio Market Umbrella Base

C-Hopetree 31 lb Heavy Duty Round Base Stand for Patio Outdoor Market Table...
  • High quality: durable resin concrete composite provides the best weather and sun protection outside
  • Design: antique cast iron look with art deco pattern adding extra charm and elegance
  • Versatile: adjustable holder to fit 1.5" (38mm) and 1.9"(48mm) diameter poles
  • Widely used: suits 7-11 feet market umbrellas through a table or freestanding for porch and yard
  • Double-lock design: 1 adjustable rotary knobs for securing the umbrella to the base


C-Hopetree is a prominent name for an outdoor patio umbrella base. The main concern of this brand is to bring a new product to meet all the demands of users. 

They’ve got an enormous resin concentrated umbrella base, and due to the high-grade material, we picked Hopetree as the second best product. The 31 pounds C-Hopetree 19.3-inch Patio Market Round Heavy Duty Umbrella Base is another good base for your patio umbrella.

Let’s see why this is so special to us.

Highlighted Features

Quality Material

No doubt that Hopetree offers a strong base and premium material. Because they use steel and aluminum coating powder in the body, as you know, it has resin stone quality, so water and rust resistance advantage is a plus from this item.

Like our Abba Patio base, it has a bronze coating finish, so no immature breakage is guaranteed. One more pleasing fact of the Hopetree base is that it has HPDE plastic in the base, resulting in a long-time UV-resistant facility.

Robust Pole

If you’ve 7 inches to 9 inches poles, we will say that it’s a must-try option for you. Even if you can bring a patio table, you can use it up to 11 feet in length. Compared to Abba Patio, this pole is long enough to cover a vast area.

On the other hand, the same aluminum coating in the pole also provides a heavy output. But don’t worry, this adjustable tension screw will help to fit it easily anywhere you want. As the base works well in windy conditions, the strong pole is adequate to hold the weight.

Adjustable Holding Ring

 This best patio umbrella base also offers you an adjustable metal holder. The robust holder is slipping-resistant, so you can move it in your convenient space without any hassle and noise.

360-Degree Rotation

When you read patio umbrella base reviews, your subconscious mind may search for the coverage quality. Congrats, Hopetree is here with its 360- vertical tilt. It can offer up to 360-degree rotation and even coverage all over the area.

  • Best for high traffic areas
  • Suitable for stand-alone umbrellas
  • Heavy and durable material
  • Rust and weather-resistant 
  • Easy to set up and portable
  • The top thread may loosen
  • Canopy has no air vent for airflow  

TropiShade 30 P0und Patio Umbrella Base

TropiShade 30 Pound Black Powder Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand
  • Cast iron umbrella base weight 30 pounds with a black powder coating
  • 20 inches in diameter
  • Euro Deco styled pattern
  • One pole thumb screws secure umbrella in base
  • Base tube is compatible with 1 3/8" and 1 1/2" umbrella poles


Well, if you like to adorn your dull open spaces with a stylish and solid umbrella base, then Tropishade may give you a hand. Though the California Umbrella base is also great decor, this item has an extraordinary concrete base that may be longer. So let’s have a look at why it can be a perfect alternative to California.

Highlighted Features

Iron Base

This Tropishade umbrella base has a cast iron coating that is robust. Unlike most metal bases, it won’t peel after moderate use. You can even keep it outside of your house for a long time because the thick layer of carbon coat avoids any corrosion.

Sturdy Pole

The pre-assembled pole has an impressive design. You can rotate the rod quickly according to your preference. In this sturdy base, you can inject 1.5 inches and 1-3/8 inches pole easily.

Moreover, there’s a pointed screw to attach to the ground. These screw holds the strengths of the base and avoids high wind lifting, making it the best umbrella base for wind.

Euro Decor design

The most eye-dazzling part of this patio base is its vintage theme design known as Euro- Decor pattern. They’re a must-have for giving an aesthetic look to your balcony or patio.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can go For a long time with minimal care
  • Offers a vintage look
  • Value for the money
  • Rust resistance materials
  • Can only fit in 30 inches round base

Sunnyglade 18.9" 4PC Patio Umbrella Base

Sunnyglade 18.9" 4Pcs 13L Fan Shaped Water or Sand Filled Umbrella Base/Fan...
  • Material: HDPE and steel , Product size: 18.9"x2.95"(Dia xH)
  • Product weight: 13.8lbs, Suit for all kinds of cross tiles. Ideal for Commercial and Residential Use. Perfect for garden, backyard, porch, poolside, patio, or commercial use. Heavy-duty HDPE plastic for lasting quality, stable and durable.
  • Comes in 4 separate pieces that provides approximately 132 lbs. of holding weight when filled with water or an awesome 176 lbs. when filled with sand. Or even heavier when combined with both sand and water.
  • premium quality Umbrella Base made to fit our line of Offset Hanging Umbrellas with cross base. This is our heavy-duty base for holding down our larger Offset Hanging Umbrellas that requires stability. Made from long lasting HPDE plastic that is rust free and sure to provide service for many years to come.
  • package include: 4 x fan shaped water-filled umbrella base (Cross bar base is not included).


Few users love to change their interior outlook frequently. If you’re one of them, then we suggest you take the Sunnyglade patio umbrella. 

First of all, it’s budget-friendly yet best for offset lining products. Secondly, the assembling process isn’t hazardous at all to install a new one every year. Its crank & tilt also impress us to choose it as one of the best patio umbrella bases. Let’s have a detailed look.

Highlighted Features

Iron Base

 This base has enough similarities with our Abba Patio umbrella base. Here the Sunnydale Company uses heavy-duty plastic with aluminum steel coating to give a concrete base. 

Again like the Abba patio, you’ll get four rectangle bases in Sunnyglade. The only difference between these two bases is their budget. Sunnyglade comes at a low price than Abba. So our budget users should give it a try.

Sturdy Canopy and Pole

The canopy is made of recycled resin, which makes it water, and HDPE material makes it UV ray proof. Thinking about such a canopy on a tight budget is a great deal. So give it a try without any delay. And at the same time, don’t forget about its aluminum pole with 8 ribs that provides firmness to the base.

Easy Filling

Like our Abba Patios base, you can also fill the 4 PCS rectangular bases with sand and water. But the twist is that the Sunnyglade patio remains lightweight after the same amount of sand filling.

  • Provides full support with durability
  • Best for your backyard to garden
  • UV rays, water, fade and rust-resistant
  • Easy to clean and affordable 
  • Fits easily both in the conjured and vast area
  • The price is quite hefty

Bliss Heavy-Duty Market Patio Umbrella Base

Blissun 22 lbs Heavy Duty Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand (16.5")
  • This umbrella base is made of resin, waterproof, aging resistance, wear-resistant, anti ultraviolet strong, permanently not corroded.
  • This umbrella stand with classic decorative pattern and black finish maintains its appearance for years to come, help you enjoy your patio umbrella.
  • This patio umbrella base equipped with adjustable piston, a wide range of application, can be adjusted according to the thickness of the umbrella column. Umbrella Pole Diameter Range: φ1.49" - 1.89".
  • This umbrella base stand features a hand-turn tightening knob for securing umbrella to the base. Overall size: Dia.16.5" x 12.6"H.
  • Easy assembly, clean and store for home and commercial use. Apply for family, villa, hotel, terrace, balcony, resort, water park, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon, outdoor leisure Umbrella base, Umbrella base stand, Patio umbrella base, Outdoor Parasol Base, Market Umbrella Base, company leisure area, company rest area, etc.


There’re enormous options for patio umbrella base. But if you want something suitable for commercial and home use, look at the Blissun Heavy Duty patio Umbrella base stand review. Blissun Company focuses on the solid base and material, such as this 22IBS base has resin-concentrated materials in the base, which is good to get a long lifespan.

Highlighted Features

Hand Turn Knob

In the Blissun Patio base, there’s a 3-way tilting that makes the base lightweight carry. At the same time, with its hand turning knob, secure the umbrella tightly to avoid any wind lifting.

Adjustable Piston

The 1.49 to 1.89 diameter pole comes with an adjustable metal piston. With that long piston, you can adjust the tube width while opening. Basically, the piston is used for maintaining the pole’s thickness.

High-quality Material

Blissun base is made of molded resin. That’s why it’s comparatively lightweight but sturdier than other heavy bases.

There’s a black coating at the first layer that saves the item from sunrays. At the same time, water and rust-proof quality maintain the same shine after years of use

Classic Design

The round antique design gives a classical vibe to your home or garden. From vertical umbrellas to tilting ones, you can use the same base. 

And as the canopy doesn’t soak into water, so you can only use a cotton napkin to wipe off the extra moisture and maintain the bright outlook year-round.

  • Lightweight and easily moveable 
  • Compact and sturdy base
  • Best for commercial use
  • The assembling process is easy
  • Performs well only in small areas

PURPLE LEAF Offset Patio Umbrella Base

PURPLE LEAF Offset Patio Umbrella Base Sand/Water Filled Square, 32.2'' X 32.2''
  • Dimention: 32.2 X 32.2 X 8 inches.ONLY for PURPLE LEAF offset patio umbrella.ESPECIALLY for 9 feet square umbrella, 10 feet square umbrella, 10 feet round umbrella, 11 feet round umbrella and 9 X 11 feet rectangle umbrella.
  • Srurdy Material: Made of PP plastic, which is sturdy and weather-resistant, it maintains a long service life.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: 3D surface design is more fashionable and textured.
  • Inject Options: Water and sand can both be injected, about 220 lbs with fully injected.
  • Thoughtful Customer Service: Please feel free to come to us if you have further problem or missing parts with this product.


Here’s our last collection, which is a PURPLE LEAF offset patio. It features a cantilever umbrella base plate that also covers offset line products. Though we picked a different offset type for today’s article, PURPLE Leaf’s extraordinary features and qualities are unique from another choice.

Highlighted Features

More Stable Frame and Pole

This cantilever base has a silver-coated base in fine form. Due to the powdery texture, it never oxidizes easily and retains the exact shine for long years. Besides the sturdy frame, it is designed with eight steel ribs. These ribs are heavy-duty and share a strong grip between the base and pole.

The 1.49 to 1.89 diameter pole comes with an adjustable metal piston. With that long piston, you can adjust the tube width while opening. Basically, the piston is used for maintaining the pole’s thickness.

Crank Tilt with 360-Degree Rotation

Like our Abba Patio Offset, PURPLE LEAF has a crank lift that means you can rotate both the canopy and pole easily and set your umbrella to avoid heat. Let’s tell you that there is a built-in 360-degree rotating technique; that’s why it can cover both your backyard, poolside, and even in the garden.

  • Crank lift handle available
  • Easy to fill with both sand and water
  • All-weather and fade resistant 
  • Best for professional use
  • Offers a stylish and stable look
  • Base isn’t included with the main package
  • Costlier than others offset patio
Best Patio Umbrella Base

FAQ: The Best Patio Umbrella Stands Bases

Which Type of Patio Umbrella Base Do I Need for My Half Patio Umbrella?

Every type of umbrella base can work really well as long as its weight capacity corresponds with what your patio umbrella weighs.

How heavy should a cantilever patio umbrella base be?

Though it is an approximate calculation, the weight mainly depends on the size of your umbrella. For a large umbrella, you will need a more extensive base. The same goes for smaller dimensions. But if you want to find the exact answer, the standard method is to multiply the canopy’s width by 10, and you’ll get the accurate answer.

Does my umbrella stand need to be mounted?

If you use your base for heavy lifting, the mounted stand will be a plus for you because it can hold the weight and avoid damage.

How much sand do I need to feel a base?

You can use approximately 100 pounds of dry sands to fill the bases, and if you want to put water with sand, use 50% more water.

How do I keep my patio umbrella from falling over?

Most of the new umbrella bases come with velcro straps or covers. If you have any, assemble the whole umbrella and cover it with the velcro strap. But if you have an older base, close it and tie it with the fabric tightly to secure it.

How do I keep my patio Umbrella from blowing away?

Heavy wind can blow your umbrella at any time. So make sure to select such a pole that can grab up to one feet length. It will give you a good grip, and your umbrella won’t blow away easily.

How can I get the best prices when buying a umbrella base?

Looking for discounted prices, low shipping rates, and also warranties will give you some of the best buying prices for patio umbrella bases.

Final Thoughts of umbrella base

Choosing the best patio umbrella bases is no brainer – well what am I to say when it’s quite evident in our top reviews and buying guide? Nonetheless, it is important that you weigh your needs such that you get the best type of patio umbrella and bases for your needs.

Factors such as climatic conditions, type of home or commercial traffic, and the buying preferences are things that you should never overlook if you need the best patio umbrella accessories for your use. Now that you have decided to choose one – Good Luck!

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