Patio Umbrella Care and Maintenance Tips: What Options Work

Once you have the best tips, buying the best patio umbrella will be a no-brainer really. The only challenge will come around as the need for proper care and maintenance sets in. In this post, we strive to save your day by giving you some of the best care and maintenance options that will work for your cantilever umbrella, patio umbrella, half patio umbrella and patio umbrella base. Read along.

Follow Manual

The user manual has everything that you need to know about your patio umbrella including how to set it up, cleaning procedure, and more importantly the dos and don’ts. Following the manual is therefore very important and one of the ways that will guarantee a longer lifespan for your patio umbrella.

Wash Once a While

Since patio umbrellas are used outside, it is only a matter of time before they actually accumulate dust and lose their luster. In order to restore this shine, it is important that you have a cleanup routine for your patio umbrella. Use a mild detergent with water and follow the steps on your user manual.

Collapse if Unused

With time, too much exposure of your best patio umbrella to sunlight will rob it of its color – it happens quite a lot. To prevent this from happening so fast, you should always collapse your patio umbrella and keep it under the patio umbrella cover if the umbrella isn’t in use.

Most high-end patio umbrellas will come with covers. However, in case you don’t have a cover, you can always buy independently.

Remove the Cord

Apart from collapsing your patio umbrella when you aren’t using it, you should also pull off the power cord in case it has electric powered lighting system. This will save you from tripping from an extended cord and will also keep electric shock accidents at “zero” rates.

Use Appropriately

Your patio umbrella is for a specific use, to shelter you from rain, sun, and also wind. You shouldn’t use it for any other purpose other than that. I have seen other people laying the canopy on the ground as stretching out a bit as the weight to set up tents, this is wrong and will expose your umbrella to sharp objects that could easily damage it.

Store Properly

Like the many other outdoor furniture that we have, umbrellas are also able to withstand some specific elements of nature. Nonetheless, strong winds, heavy rains, and snow can easily damage them or even knock them over.

It is therefore very important that you store them properly especially during winter, heavy rains, and strong winds.

Double-check your umbrella, close it tightly, slip on a cover, detach the pole, and place the pole in the fold for much more condensed storage. You can then lay your umbrella flat on the storage floor.

If you neglect your patio umbrella base, chances are that will easily get damaged by mold, mildew, or mechanical damages. This can be pretty bad for a gadget that you have spent so much on. It is the more reason why you need to follow these care and maintenance tips.


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