How to Set Up Your Patio Umbrella

On a hot summer afternoon, the best thing to do is to find the perfect spot to cool off from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And while you can easily slather on some sunscreen to keep sunburns away, the best thing to do is to set up your patio umbrella.

The best patio umbrella will shelter you from the sun and leave you with a cool and calm place to rest your tired bones. Read this simple guide on how to set up the patio umbrella so you won’t have to waste time when you finally buy one for your use.

Step 1 – Find the Perfect Spot

Asses your surroundings or the place you intend to set your patio umbrella on so that you can end up with the very best site.

Typically you need a spot that’s smooth, free from bumps, and large enough to prevent interference to your loved ones or the people around you too. I always suggest the backyard or any free space around the lawn.

Step 2 – Get Your User Manual

User manuals will give you the best pointers on how to layout your patio umbrella. You should focus mainly on following the steps that the manufacturer gives you against what we have here.

More importantly, make sure that you read through every single word on the user manual so that you can end up with the right information including wind speed and intensity under which you can set up the patio umbrella.

Step 3 – Attach the Umbrella Ribs

In view of the type of umbrella that you have purchased for your patio, you could either find an already set up ribs or you may have to do it alone.

Ribs are spider-like metals or wooden pieces which usually stretch out at the very top of the umbrella frame to give it a formidable spread out a shade that it often has. They are always put out in tines.

In case yours hasn’t been laid out, don’t worry. The whole process is a simple one. Simply layout the ribs flat on the floor with their underside facing up then put the umbrella’s top onto the canopy fabric and slide these tines into the provided loops.


Step 4 – Attach to Metallic Umbrella Pole

Once the umbrella top is ready, you need to set it up on top of the umbrella pole. The pole is the main support that stands in the base and supports the entire structure of the umbrella.

Find the provided screw set. Screw it on to the pole until the point of attachment where the top and the pole meet is properly secured.

Step 5 – Install a Bracket to Patio

Find a mounting bracket and lay it out on the main patio, yard, or lawn where you intend your patio umbrella to go.

You can always choose a base or a stand. Most bases are designed with metallic alloys, wood, hard plastics, and possibly from among other things.

Slide you already set up an umbrella into the provided hole. You might find a fastener or anchor holes for the anchoring bolts.

Use them to stabilize your patio umbrella and make sure you rig the umbrella properly. In case there is some wind keep your Velcro strap on standby.

Step 6 – Open Up Your Patio Umbrella and Enjoy!

Once you have lifted your patio umbrella and guided it into space and even secured it on the mount, it will be time to use the Velcro strap to ensure that it doesn’t move at all. Then once you are sure that it is safe, you can open up the umbrella using the one-touch button.

Your patio umbrella should be ready to use now. Set it up against the sun or wind with a crank lift system to get the best cover. You can then add some cement or sand in the base to maximize stability, and in turn, layout some chairs and tables too.

There are many things that you can use your patio umbrella for including playing a game of cards, taking some time to cool off, reading your favorite novel, eating your favorite dessert or dish, and more importantly relaxing with a group of pals.


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