FAQ: Best Patio Umbrellas

In this post we have rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions about the best patio umbrellas and given them the best answers that we could after doing a comprehensive research too.

Q: Do I need to buy an umbrella stand/base when using patio umbrellas?

A: That will come down to a number of things. More importantly, it will depend on the type of umbrella that you need to buy and how you want your shade to run. Nonetheless, what you should understand is that while some umbrellas will come with the base or stand, other will only come with the pole and the canopy while the base will be sold separately.

Q: Which are the best type of patio umbrella bases/ stands to buy today?

A: All bases and stands will provide the same functionality. They are all ideal so long as they meet your needs. Even so, they come in different types and the choice that you make will solely depend on your taste and preferences.

Stands include weighted base stand, those made out of stakes that allow you to tie the umbrella down with.

Q: Will the patio umbrella’s canopy fade over time?

A: Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Given the rate of wear and tear that comes with the heavy use, the umbrella’s canopy will eventually fade. But this isn’t something that is going to happen overnight – hell no!  The time span could take longer that even five years. By this time it is assumed that you will have found the value of your money.

Q: Does umbrella color determine how long they take before they fade?

A: Not really. Irrespective of which umbrella color you choose to have the canopy will eventually fade out. The rate will, however, be determined by the amount of exposure to the sun’s UV rays/ elements that cause fading to the canopy.

Q: How can you limit the amount of patio umbrella canopy fading?

A: You can always limit the amount of fading if you choose a lighter color. Red color might be quite appealing, but it will fade faster than beige. Again, you can always close your umbrella and cover it with a storage bag when not in use. This will easily extend the umbrella’s lifespan as a whole.

Q: How should I prevent my patio umbrella from getting blowing away?

A: Most large outdoor patio umbrellas will come with if they aren’t designed for windy environment. Those that are designed for the same purpose will have perforations that prevent the wind from blowing them away; while the others will work well with additional weighted bases.

On a general approach, however, you shouldn’t use your patio umbrella under winds that exceed 10 MPH unless you have added the weighted bases. You can always focus on bases that come with sandbags which you can fill with sand to maximize the stability of your patio umbrella anytime.

Whatever you go with, it is important to ensure that your patio umbrella is securely held in place so that you can prevent any potential injuries or damage this high flying investment.

Q: What Factors Can I Consider When Buying Patio Umbrella Bases?

A: a number of things will come into play. More importantly, you will need to keep your buying preferences, base or stand’s design including half, square, round, or tripod, and also the price among other things.

Q: How Can I get The Best Prices when Patio Umbrellas?

A: whether it is an umbrella base, stand, canopy, or lights, if you want great bargains, it is usually very important that you focus on discounted prices, offers, low shipping rates, and possibly warranties as they cover you in case of any damages and repair.

Q: What types of patio umbrellas do we have?

A: There are quite a number of patio umbrellas to choose from. They include the following

  • Tilting umbrellas: Have the ability to tilt at the press of a button or even a switch.
  • Cantilever umbrellas: Cantilever umbrellas are the largest patio shade umbrellas with an increased range of motion than just the tilt.
  • Half patio umbrella: Can be a tilt patio umbrella or even a cantilever patio umbrella only that they come with a half a canopy or in other words an incomplete mast.
  • Offset patio umbrella: Designed with an offset base. Offset bases won’t allow your umbrella base to sit right in the middle of the canopy or directly under the umbrella.
  • Wind resistant patio umbrellas: These are umbrellas that come with super ventilation that allow for the free circulation of air through. They often come with perforations of a kind.

Q: What Other Considerations Must You Make When Buying patio umbrellas?

A: It is also important to consider the size of your patio, the size of the patio umbrella, color of the umbrella, the mechanism of operation (closing/opening design), and the ease of use and setting it up. Safe use and storage design will also come in handy.

Q: How Can I Ensure My Patio Umbrella Lasts Long?

A: Some of the most common tips include cleaning the umbrella once it gets dirty, storing it when dry, folding it up when not in use, using it within recommended wind limits, and above all that  following the user manual.

Q: How Long Can My Patio Umbrella Last?

A: That depends on a number of things including the type of material of design, frequency of use, and how best you keep to the user manual. Stem, pole, and bases that are made from metallic alloys tend to last longer than their wooden counterparts.

As a new patio umbrella buyer, you might have some concerns that are keeping you away from finding the best patio umbrella for your home use or concerns which are preventing your from making the decisions. In this post, we have rounded some of the common concerns and we hope that finally, you have received the help that you needed. Good luck with choosing your next patio umbrella.