11 Features of the Best Patio Umbrellas

Who wouldn’t love to have their favorite meal under a clear blue night sky or maybe a smoothie under the best shade around their home? A patio umbrella is the easiest way to get this unforgettable experience.

Under a warm summer afternoon, using the best patio umbrella will guarantee the best thriller and the best shade always.

In case you have chosen to get a patio umbrella for your loved ones, here is the best feature that you must focus on first.

Frames/ Ribs

There isn’t a shortcut when it comes to patio umbrella frames or ribs. Typically you need a durable frame that’s forged from strong materials. Frames forged from metallic alloys including aluminum and stainless steel are some of the best.

A patio umbrella will have numerous metallic wires (ribs) that form the canopy and stretches out to give canopy the perfect shape. The ribs attach to the main pole/ post so that you get a strong skeleton frame.

Power Source

In case your best patio umbrella is going to be used during the evening and into the night, you need a good lighting system that will ensure the umbrella remains perfectly illuminated all through the dim hours.

A good patio umbrella of that type should have inbuilt solar-powered LED lights or simply electric powered LED lights with an extension cord that you can use to plug into any electric power source before lighting.


Apart from the frame or ribs, another very important feature of the best patio umbrellas is the canopy. This is basically the extended fabric that’s responsible to providing the perfect shelter around the sun’s harmful UV rays and rain.

The best canopies are usually made of polyester or nylon. These two materials have different strength levels and the performance of any patio umbrella will depend solely on the strength levels of this fabric.

Post/ Pole

Like we mentioned above, the post or pole is also an important feature. It is responsible for supporting the entire patio umbrella makeshift. It is the part that sits on the base so that you have s stable roof over your head.

The best patio umbrella poles are often made out of metal alloys including stainless steel and aluminum so that they can last long. Powder coatings are also used over them so that the pole doesn’t get corroded or rusted.

Crank Lift System

For your patio umbrella to open up smoothly and close up easily it needs a powerful system that’s easy to operate and which can trigger this system to work. Crank Lift technology is always used to provide an easy opening and closing of the umbrella.

Cantilever, Tilting, and even Wind patio umbrellas all have such a technology that will leave you with such an easy form of operation to go with any time.

Rust Free Coatings

Like we mentioned under the “pole” having a corrosion-free touch and a scratch-resistant mechanism on your patio umbrella frame means you will enjoy a longer lifespan and an umbrella that looks new every day.

Due to this, the best patio umbrellas should have such a mechanism as most of the time they will always be left exposed to harsh weather elements including rain and sunshine. A rust-free powder touch will be ideal.

Air Vents

Air vents aren’t quite the features you need on your patio umbrella canopy. However, for the people who are in areas that experience sudden or regular windy climate, this could be the best remedy if you are looking for a top-notch umbrella.

Wind / Air vents are often situated at the very top and will easily allow for a better airflow experience and extremely reduced wind pressure. In turn, it will easily enhance the whole stability of the umbrella.

Stable Base

I use a patio umbrella base with a 48 mm caliber. This is good in case I am looking for the perfect fitting on my added weight umbrella bases and eventual stable umbrella design. Stable umbrella base for patio umbrellas is always a bonus and will provide you with a very stable outdoor umbrella that won’t topple and spoil the party even when bumped upon.

Ideal Canopy Diameter

When you open up your patio umbrella, the overall diameter of the canopy is what we are referring to here. The ideal diameter can be large or small. Nonetheless, it should provide you with an adequate size of shade that you need.

So depending on your needs, household size, the number of people you plan on hosting, and patio space that you want to set up your umbrella, it will be wise to choose an umbrella with the right diameter for the perfect size shade too.

Cool Color

This might not be so necessary for someone who’s only after the shade. However, if you want a style that blends in well with your home design, the color will play an important role. The same applies to when you are looking for your favorite color or outdoor patio theme.

Personally, I have the red color with a soft maroon shade that I chose specifically because it blends in so well with my outdoor back patio wall colors.


Additionally, there should be an inbuilt switch that you can use to easily power up and also power out your patio umbrella. It will help to regulate the lighting and also in preserving power especially if we are looking at possible power solar power sources.

Most top-rated patio umbrellas will come with a rubber covered switch that will be installed next to the umbrella’s winder for an easy on/off operation to prevent any form of fumbling in on rafters when looking for it.

Getting the best patio umbrella for your home use is the best thing that can happen to you on a hot summer period. It is therefore very important that you actually know what you are looking for before you jump onto the next patio umbrella that you bump on.


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